I was born in Argentina, I grew up in Denmark, I lived 21 years in Barcelona, ​​of which I spent time in other places, such as three years in search of my roots in South America, more than two years in rural areas of Catalonia, in search of myself, and 8 years in Berlin attracted to its atmosphere of freedom and creativity. Now I’m moving between Berlin, Thessaloniki, Barcelona and Copenhagen.

I have always been moved by the search for meaning and depth. I try to act as much as possible from an internal impulse. I am persistent and disciplined. Sometimes too much. I am agile in ordering, organising and creating connections. I am very precise and insistent with the search for aesthetic harmony. Sometimes bordering on obsession. I’m not good at storing information, especially if it’s about numbers and names; the experiences do stay with me. I like to travel and to know new worlds, especially those inhabiting inside of individuals. I quickly feel empathy for others. I have never had a sense of total belonging to a place and I adapt easily to circumstances. Injustices and abuses of power overcome me. Service gives meaning to my life.

my secret life as a seamstress

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