Sobre Reality

From Yoko Ono´s Grapefruit instructions book. I take 20 instructions and give to 4 groups of performers to interpret them in front of the camera.
There were 4 groups of performers. Each group was conformed of 2, 3 or 5 performers following the same instruction individually in the same location. But not at the same time.
In post production i put them all together to interact with each other. The sound was made simultaneously the same day in another location.
Each instruction is called station and each station is an yoko ono´s grapefruit book instruction. So the film has 20 stations and each station last 1 minute. Each station is a one minute video-painting.
The film was made as a present for the 80th birthday of yoko ono.
Grapefruit is an artist’s book written by yoko ono, originally published in 1964. It has become famous as an early example of conceptual art, containing a series of «event scores» that replace the physical work of art – the traditional stock-in-trade of artists – with instructions that an individual may, or may not, wish to enact.
Very special thanx to OCDC for the Trailer Music

A film by laura soria

Katarzyna Wolinska
Gyung Moo Kim
Nina Pizano
Maximilien Gevers
Valentina Migliorati
Özlem Cosen
Paulina Tovo
Beata Kapluk
Eve La Lune
Tuan Ly
Ignacio Vázquez
Harvey Rabbit
Maya Benatan

Gareth Hudson
Alan Layton
Niall Gahagan
Rory Dickenson
Macarena Solervicens Ruz

Fabian Feuersänger
Laura Soria
Inspired on grapefruit: a book of instructions and drawings by yoko ono

Station 1 throwing piece
Station 2 Blood Piece
Station 3 Falling Piece
Station 4 Touch Poem
Station 5 Water Piece
Station 6 Smoke Piece
Station 7 Hide–And-Seek Piece
Station 8 Announcement Piece II
Station 9 Walk Piece
Station 10 Closet Piece III
Station 11 Walking Piece
Station 12 Line Piece III
Station 13 Lighting Piece
Station 14 Clock Piece
Station 15 Animal Piece
Station 16 Mirror Piece
Station 17 Fly Piece
Station 18 Map Piece
Station 19 Swim
Station 20 Dawn Piece

Berlin, Germany autumn 2012

Volver a Reality